Price & Details:

Private Venue: 5 hours, @ 6.500 USD for 30 pax and adds @ 50 USD/pax

Maximum Capacity: 150 pax(passengers).

Included: fuel, one cabin and all utilities present on board, complete crew, service,

barmen and private tender boat and 6000W sound system.

Excluded: food, beverage, alcoholic drinks & entertainments (DJ, Musicians, Dancers).

Private Daily Cruise: (24 hours, 12 pax) @ 10.000 USD

Private Weekly Cruise: (max 12 pax) @ 50.000 USD one day free

Private 10 Days Cruise: (max 12 pax) *PROMO* @ 60.000 USD two days free

Included:fuel (8 hours cruise max for day), all 6 cabins (king bed with bathroom)

complete crew, chef and waitresses, 3 meals at day (italian or japanise or vegan)

beverage (soft drinks & beer), laundry, private tender boat, snorkeling equipments,

Bose surround sound system, cleaning (1 time a day), insurance and first AID

Excluded: alcoholic drinks, entertainment (DJ, Musicians, Dancers), dive equipments

INFO: Phone/WhatsApp/Viber:+6281999062636