Price & Details

Private Venue: (5 hours) @ 5.000/7.500/10.000 USD for 50/100/150 pax

Maximum Capacity: 150 pax (passengers).

Included: fuel, cabin and all utilities present on board, complete crew, service,

barmen and private tender boat and 6000W sound system.

Excluded: food, beverage, alcoholic drinks & entertainments (DJ, Musicians, Dancers).

Multi Property: (You are Owner of Dragoon Yacht) for 1 / 5 / 10 YEARS

One Day @ 3.000 / 12.000(1 Year FREE) / 21.000(3 Years FREE) USD

Three Days @ 7.500 / 30.000(1 Year FREE) / 52.500(3 Years FREE) USD

One Week @ 15.000 / 60.000(1 Year FREE) / 105.000(3 Years FREE) USD

For multi property it means that you become the owner of the yacht for 24h a day.

In the package purchased is included full use of the boat and all of its rooms, systems,

cleanliness, insurance and water supply but excludes: fuel, crew, chef, waitresses,

food, beverage, alcoholic drinks, entertainment (DJ, Musicians, Dancers), dive

and snorkeling equipments.

To take Ownership of the Dragoon Yacht must sign a tenancy agreement and accept

all terms and conditions.

INFO: WhatsApp: +6281999062636 Skype: dragoon.130